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Founding members of NTK are proud to be the permanent consultant for YAMAHA Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd. throughout its establishment and operation in Vietnam since 1998. Yamaha Motor Vietnam’s steady performance is proof of the effectiveness and professionalism of consultancy services being offered by NTK. NTK also successfully consults Yamaha Group in the establishment and implementation of the Project for the manufacturing of motorcycles, automobile engine parts and components in Thang Long Industrial Park, Hanoi with investment capital of over US$ 42 million, which increases the total investment capital of all Projects invested by YAMAHA Group in Vietnam to more than US$ 120 million.

Founding members of NTK also successfully consult TOYOTA Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd. in the establishment of TOYOTA Auto Part Export Center. This is the very first of its kind in Vietnam specialized in ordering and importing from Vietnamese vendors auto parts for processing, packaging, labeling and exporting with investment capital of US$ 5.2 million and estimated annual turnover of about US$ 20 million.

In addition, NTK has been successfully consulting in the establishment and implementation of numerous industrial projects in Vietnam.


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